We have a range of products to help you work towards a zero waste lifestyle and keep your carbon footprint down.

Our food items are all local; we stock locally produced manuka honey and organic olive oil. Additionally we usually have a selection of plants, produce and seeds from the community garden or locals with a extra crop. Most of these are at least spray free if not organically grown

In order to reduce our community’s reliance on plastic bags we have a selection of reusable produce bags and shopping bags sewn by a team of volunteers. This enables us to keep the prices low so that going zero waste doesn’t have to be expensive for those without the sewing skills to make their own!

Similarly we have a selection of beeswax wraps to use instead of clingwrap. In addition to helping support the EcoCentre buying these beeswax wraps supports Days for Girls. And check out our selection of knitted dishcloths/facecloths which you can just pop in the washing machine and they’ll last for years!

To help you move away from the aisles of plastic bottled cleaning products etc we have baking soda at bulk prices that we sell in reused glass jars. If you’re not sure how to use it we have several books to help you out, including Pig tits & Parsley Sauce written and signed by local author Lyn Webster.

On behalf of Lyn we also sell menstrual cups and her homemade hair conditioner. Also in the toiletries line we have bamboo toothbrushes, locally made soap, loofah and Smartass ‘tree-free’ toilet paper which comes wrapped in tissue paper rather than plastic and is made from sugar cane waste and bamboo.