Timebanking is a way to exchange services for timecredits rather than money. Everyone’s time is valued equally, and one hour of work equals one timecredit.

Timebanking in the Kaitāia area started in 2009 after Rebecca Ranum and John Kenderdine from Transition Towns Kaitāia attended a Living Economies seminar and came home inspired. From initially having just a few members through Transition Towns Kaitaia it has now grown to over 150 members!

In 2019 work has begun to not only celebrate 10 years of timebanking in and around Kaitāia, but to merge with the Far North Timebank that mostly served those in the Mid North. The combined Timebank will become Tai Tokerau Timebank later this year. Meanwhile members from across the whole region are welcome to join up through Kaitāia TimeBank.

Kaitaia Timebank holds regular social events to enable timebankers to get to know each other. And Kaitaia Timebank organises working bees to tackle larger tasks and workshops that you can attend for time credits. You can read more about our activities in our blog posts and through our Facebook page.

Paula Walker and Anna Dunford are the co-coordinators of Kaitāia TimeBank and work out of the EcoCentre. They are usually both in on a Thursday afternoon 1-4pm, Anna is also in Mondays and Fridays 1-4pm. At other times our EcoCentre volunteers are all members of timebank, and earn timecredits helping out with staffing, so they can usually answer basic queries and will be happy to take a message if they can’t answer your question themselves!

Thank you to the Lottery Grants Board and LW Nelson Trust for their funding of our co-coordinators